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Discover Our Modalities

Book a Session.  I apply the Modalities necessary to suit Your Needs

based on my Professional Experience.  All Modalities are listed below.

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How Awareness Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

When the body adjusts levels within, ease creates restfulness.

Sleep is welcomed.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Balancing energies creates a shift to occur. Peace abounds.

Reduces stress levels 

Self-awareness brings back a sense of mastery over emotion.

Triggers release.

Improves attention & concentration

When issues are resolved, energy flows to a quieter mind.

The entire body feels more ease.

Love Yourself
The thing about balancing disharmony is: You become more and more you.

A Wise Soul

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What Clients Say

"Anna has been amazing. I have had too many breakthroughs to mention them all from anxiety over parting with belongings to navigating loss. She has been able to uncover deep seeded trauma and has helped me move past it. After the visits that we have had, I feel calmer and more at peace than I have in a very long time."

Cindy P.

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