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Some Background History...

Up until recently my work was hands on. Then digital became necessary. Now it's equally effective to get treated remotely regarding physical and emotional to the cellular level energetically.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives
Strengthening our Connection to the Divine

In order to work with clients hands on, it was necessary to become a licensed practitioner. So with my Massage Therapy license I was able to practice Craneosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation in my office for over 10 years.

These therapies included something called Somato Emotional Release enabling the client to release the emotional aspect of the trauma which generally becomes trapped in the tissues of the body.  The fascination with the results led me to study Hypnosis so that I could directly receive information from the subconscious mind regarding the blockage in order for the client to move forward. From this challenge, I acquired a diplomacy in Hypnotherapy (which later also expanded to the therapy of QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).

Then in order to go to a more expanded level of 'energetic cyst clearing', I studied the approach involving the family unit and ancestral line called Family Constellation Work, taking me to another level of energy work and into the "field" surrounding each individual.Since our way of living was disrupted globally and having had the experience of energetic entanglements through space and time, other modalities were further included in my portfolio. This included Energetic Body Balancing which is the quantum way of treating the body

substituting tablework. DECU Face Readings started resetting beliefs at the moment of cell division.

Importance of Family Bonding
Healthy Relationship
Love is the Answer!

Matrix Energetics followed along with Core

Regeneration, Body Talk and Body Intuitive X. Life & Personal Coaching was included early on as certifications as well as the use of informational medicine through software incorporating automated remote healing.

German New Medicine filled the gaps for disease formation and brain function as well as Applied Kinesiology was necessary to learn for muscle testing and the ability to heal through affirmations and intention.

Initially I offered each modality as a separate treatment but most people really have no notion as to how they work. So I decided to treat using Body Intuitive concepts and allowing for particular adjustments through other energetic modalities depending on the arising personal needs.

"Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

A Wise Soul

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