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Stay Motivated

I am a Mind-Body Therapist which sometimes can be referred to as an Alternative Healer.

My wide range of modalities can allow for endless possibilities of Transformation,

according to your design. I leave intact your right of free will in anything we do.


My practice always respects and protects through God source energy.

I do not use and form of other divination.

Also, it's important to remember that your results will vary according to how ready you are to incorporate changes into your life regarding your belief system and desire to go within and to face the traumas of the past, without reliving the emotional pain. Therefore, results are never guaranteed as far as timing or measures. You will feel and know when they occur.

You remain the creator of your experiences. I simply serve as a guide and provide feedback, according to my professional experience and level of intuition.

Set up your Initial Consult by sending
me your email.

I will arrange to call you briefly
or possibly set up a zoom chat.

Free Consultation Alternative Healer
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