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Please describe the areas of your health that you would like to see improvement in, from most troublesome to least. (Please include dates when each issue occurred.)

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List the medications, vitamins, supplements (including over the counter, herbal or homeopathic) you are presently taking:

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Do you regularly consume:  alcohol, nicotine, recreational drugs? If so, which and how much, how often?

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What areas of your life give you joy and energy?

Do you exercise? And if so, what kind and how often?

Do you do other activities regularly (gardening, dancing, etc)? How many hours per week?

How many hours a night do you sleep?

Is your sleep restful? If not, please explain:

Have you had any past experiences that still affect you deeply (trauma, accident, grief, vaccine, illness, etc.)?

Are there any specific areas of pain or discomfort you experience? What is the area of pain? Rate the pain from 1 to 10 (1 is Lowest, 10 is Highest):

Do any family members have similar health issues? If so, please describe:

What would a successful MInd-Body Session outcome look like for you?

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