Trauma? Oooh nothing like that ever happened to me!

Really? What defines trauma? Does it have to be as serious as a car accident OR in the eyes of a little tot, is the screaming and yelling of parents going on in the house isn't that as well? Many of us don't have recollection of the "trauma" we've been subjected to, yet it is a part of the "us" we are today (every bit of it).

So we don't recognize why we have problems in our relationships now; self esteem issues, acceptance of abuse, even constantly looking for the approval from others 'for some reason'.

So, how do we get the help? Where do we begin? Sometimes it's enough to get on the table and have some very subtle work done where the tissues begin to release those stored emotions (somato emotional release) where you begin to have recollections of events, and guess what?

You begin to feel free, liberated, and much lighter...just like that! Really. The important factors here are: 1.realizing there's an issue, 2. taking action to do something about it, the person you choose to help you, 4. enjoy the ride! The perspective can't come till it's done.

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