Lets work on the underlying cause of your addictions.  You want to change... BUT! Quickly discover for yourself what the trigger stems from and what to do about it. FEEL the difference after the sessions. Believe in yourself to reveal the deep dark secret... of your pain. I'm here for you!

Hypnosis Session

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  • No myths regarding the techniques. We review and explore any hesitation before you begin the avenues of attaining freedom from routine behavior.  Buy a package to achieve success. One time is not enough to release a lifetime of repetitive actions taken as a reaction to some long forgotten trauma. I will guide you without painful memories. You will experience relief and acceptance with understanding.

  • Due to nature of work, all results are unique. There is a measure of growth with every outcome. All efforts put forth within a session to attain a realistic result will be put forth at the alotted time. Therefore NO REFUNDS will be granted.