DECU Face Reading stands for Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade. The cells of the skin hold toxic memories and DNA that is laying dormant to repeat the degeneration cycle. We use DECU to read the cells and clear old programs that keep you old, giving you the ability to upgrade the consciousness of your skin cells. 

The session includes a reading and clearing.


Upon request, suggestion of Ormus products for eternal youthfulness.

DECU Session

  • This is a one half hour session. Here we clear a belief program/s and reinstate cellular memory with a new "I Am" statement, raising your vibration and sending you on your way creating a new reality for yourself towards eternal youthfulness and wellbeing!

  • Due to nature of work. No refunds are ever granted. Proceed with trust and intuition. The "I am" statements are to be used preferrably in conjunction with the Ormus products. Your progression will depend on your belief systems and your investment in wanting to change. Trust and receive with confidence.