Eternal Beauty is a choice and it starts right here. Are you ready to take a journey that awakens your cells? Are you ready to Reprogram
your body to rejuvenate, regenerate and hold the frequency of Eternal Beauty? You will awaken to just how limitless you are with DECU!

DECU is a powerful method that will clear old agreements and belief systems held in your skin cells. Your skin has a consciousness and it is awakening right now, as you begin learning the power of the mind, body, and spirit connection.

DECU Session Package

  • This package is for 3 individual half hour sessions. You can use them for yourself.

  • Due to nature of work. No refunds are ever granted. Proceed with trust and intuition. The "I am" statements are to be used preferrably in conjunction with the Ormus products. Your progression will depend on your belief systems and your investment in wanting to change. Trust and receive with confidence.