In addition to the regular session, here I will explore deeper issues through Visceral Manipulation and/or Craneosacral work in the mouth area. This work is fascinating as you will see and feel release with progression.  The body reveals what areas need to be approached and treated.

Package of Craneosacral/Visceral Work

  • Each session is different. My approach is guided each time with the new information you bring to the table and the new progressive level of awareness you have achieved consecutively.  Together we explore and have fun achieving your goals effortlessly and intuitively.

  • Again, due to nature of work, each session is individual based on your level of awareness and readiness to change. No refunds will be granted for this type of work, as my efforts are put out during each session. Payment is an exchange of energy. I value my time and commitment to you and ask that you trust and do the same.