After a brief family history intake, I step into your shoes and work with the energies revealed to heal and bring peace to those involved in a past trauma. Release the bonds of obligation and free yourself of misunderstood and repetitive unconscious patterns.

Family Constellation Session

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  • This service is energetic in nature and involves entering "the field" for answers. It is unique and specific to every client. You can read up on this kind of work and contact me when you are ready to trust and believe that family issues that are in the past but not cleared can truly be resolved. The marvel of this work is that it releases the confines of future generations:  Trauma is healed and dismissed in love.

  • Due to nature of work. No refunds are ever granted. Proceed with trust and intuition and realize that every step towards progress serves it's purpose.  If you were not meant to receive this information, you would not have stopped here nor have read this. Trust and receive with confidence.