Energetic Balancing at LTS

How Does Energetic Balancing Work?

Why do certain physical symptoms persist no matter what we do?

The ability to identify the factors that create symptoms and hold them in place allows us to finally disperse the pattern and achieve lasting results!

All energetic work encompasses the morphic field or what is also known as "innate" when one works with the body.  Messages are encoded in different ways, layers, nuances which filter or are set to operate in a certain way. Sometimes the body doesn't process information anymore; some call that "blockages". Sometimes through sensory overlays (trauma) , information gets confused and can get encoded into the energetic field in patterns of waves of information that need reorganizing.

The therapist or "energy worker" reads the body physiology through holographic language to help the body itself make the necessary adjustments.  In this way, the body complex regains the holographic authority so it can better express it's consciousness.  This work helps muscles, nervous system, organs, cell structures, etc.

All referenced methodologies use specific guidelines and different approaches to arrive at the same, which is listening to the body's needs and allowing it to make the necessary changes to bring about healing.

Once we identify the primary area of physical imbalance as well as any emotional, mental, behavioral, consciousness charges (internal factors) held in the tissue or environmental influences (external factors) that may be triggering the tension, we follow protocol to determine the best approach to release the charge and structural imbalance thus creating a customized approach to balancing the body mind. The ability to dialogue with the body is what allows us to truly customize a session by addressing the specific needs of the body as opposed to being restricted to a set protocol of techniques.

We can also address any imbalances caused as a result of foreign objects in the body. Artificial joints, pacemakers, IUDs, dental appliances etc. which can cause fascial tension and postural distortion.