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The BodyTalk System allows for overall wellness by quickly and easily bringing the body into a better state of balance especially regarding minor aches and pains, headaches, digestive imbalances and stress-related issues. It's also used as a way for the body and mind to function in the best possible way so that you will not be susceptible to stress experiences and so that the immune system protects you effectively from external factors, such as germs and toxins. BodyTalk also maximizes performance levels of athletes and performers  as it addresses emotional and psychological factors in a practical way. It causes the brain to focus on specific body parts creating increase in blood supply, lymph flow, nerve flow, energy flow, immune response, and tissue repair. This increase of focus causes the brain to attune to specific needs of the body and quickens the healing process in rehab situations.  There are simple techniques to clear stress in the body and mind, balancing the spine, hydrating, building immune function and more. Clearing stress allows you to unleash your genius and feel your best self!   BodyTalk speeds up the body's healing processes and shortens recovery time from injuries, surgeries and illnesses. Many physical therapists use it in their regular practices creating dramatic results! 

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Anna D Deluca

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