DECU Face Reading

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DECU Face Reading stands for Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade.  The cells of the skin hold toxic memories, information, energy and "dormant" DNA, which tend to repeat a degenerative cycle. DECU is a method used to upgrade the consciousness of skin cells and to reprogram the cells in the body to create a new you! Science is proving that skin has a consciousness just like the brain and heart. Cells hold the reflection of information from the unconscious mind, bringing that information up and into our awareness. Using this process amplifies awakening!  DECU Face Reading is a method used to read cells for agreements, contracts and toxic programs in order to clear, cancel and delete them from the cells, organs and brain. This is so that we can start to express and appear as the divinely perfect beings that we truly are! Again, this powerful technique clears old agreements and belief systems held in our skin cells.  As the skin has consciousness that is awakening now, the more we begin to learn the power of the mind~body~spirit connection, the more we reprogram our cells and amplify our personal awakening. ​

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Anna D Deluca

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