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If we manage stress better from the getco, the physical manifestations will not occur as easily. Become aware of the stressors and learn to better manage them with healthy choices and techniques.

It's much easier to point the finger and pretend that the person or action of another or group,etc are to blame for many injustices.

When we blame, we look to the outside. However, in order to judge "out there" we try to diminish the inferiority or powerlessness we feel...

What's too close to us emotionally is usually impossible to change. With the personal guidance and feedback of a trusted associate, your goals are quickly attainable.

This is just a very brief excerpt. At a later date I will add more pertinent information.

Hypnosis will not work unless you want it to...

This video summarizes the function of constellation work.

In this modality, your internal doctor works hand-in-hand with the therapist to reveal what you are ready to let go of and heal. This experience is not only physical but emotional as well.