Lite Touch Therapy Recognition

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

― Aristotle

After over 10 years of having my own office and practicing Craniosacral work and Visceral Manipulation, my curiosities led me to studying effects of trauma and retention of memory within the physical body.

At that time,  I had also delved into energy work via ancestral healing known as Family Constellation work.  The fascination of how quickly we can access information in the "field" and how we can heal past occurrences based on witnessing the dynamic of the occurrence so many years later, truly expanded my horizons .

After the effects of the pandemic and not being able to physically see clients, my studies led me to experience healing through holographic imagery, which now I know to be Energetic Balancing.


Come work with me to explore all the wonderful effective tools offered to mankind to enable healing on all levels.  Presently I combine Eastern & Western concepts of medicine to restore Balance in Heart, Mind & Soul.